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About Cirem.org

In my many corporate roles over the years, I have had the opportunity to learn as well as teach others. I have been both mentor and mentee; I have seen both sides of the coin. With this kind of experience under my belt, I felt it was right that I share the amassed knowledge I had learned with other like-minded people. I started this blog to see if I can successfully transfer the wealth of information into words that can help people. In the process, I hope to be learning something new as well.

Where It All Started

As I have mentioned, my first boss was also my mentor and I have learned a lot from him. In fact, we still keep in touch and have the most interesting discussions over lunch. He has always been my inspiration and seeing him build his business, helping it grow to new heights every day, made me want to do the same. And that’s where it all started.

About Me

A young business school graduate once asked me at a seminar I was giving, “How can I ensure that I stay at the top of my game, always?” and my answer to that was and always will be: Never stop learning. It’s true. Not one of the top businessmen you see today will ever reach a point where they say, “I know everything!”. The leading CEOs and business people of the world always have something they are working on, something they are learning. If you want to excel in business like they have, then you must stay thirsty for knowledge.

I learnt this at an early age, when I was just starting out as an intern at a small business in my city. I had a wonderful boss and mentor who taught me so many of the things that have helped me grow to the point of becoming a mentor to others. Years of industry experience have made me resilient to failure and taught me how to stay ahead of the game. My name is Luke Birchwood, and my aim is to shape young minds and help them become leaders in their own right.

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